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Our Secretarial Services
We can provide a wide range of secretarial services to suit a variety of budgets. Our most popular secretarial services are shown below. Please call or email us for more information on our secretarial services and client customised options.
  • PA services
  • Secretarial services
  • Presentation creation using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Data entry
  • Word processing
  • Schedule and email management
  • Transcription services
  • Office e-template design service
The Cost Of Our Secretarial Services
Costs for our secretarial services start from £12.00 per hour, but we will always give you a quote for your project so you know the cost before it even starts!

Our Transcription Services

We have experience in a wide range of transcription services.  Our transcription services are listed below:

    • Educational research
    • Educational lectures
    • One-on-One interviews
    • Conferences / teleconferences / webinars
    • Private business matters
    • Book / writers / audio projects
    • General speeches
    • Business and presentations meetings
    • Journalists projects
    • Health & Social Care interviews
    • Market Research focus groups and depth interviews 
    • Legal Recordings
    • Structural Survey Reports
    • HR Reports / HR Interviews and Evaluations
    • Podcasts / radio Interviews
    • Financial interviews & research
    • Training lectures

      The Cost Of Our Transcription Services
      Costs for our transcription services start from 67 pence per audio minute (this is dependent on the topic to be transcribed).  The cost for our transcription services is always a fixed fee so you know the cost before we even start the transcription!

       For a free quote please contact: