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Foxheys Transcription Team

Our transcription team members are professional transcribers who share a wealth of business sector experience between them. So far we have transcribed over 1,000 hours of audio. That's how good we are!

Belle - Project Manager / Senior Transcriber (Based in the Philippines)
Belle is educated to degree level and studied Philosophy in university. Belle is a very experienced project manager and will be taking the PM Certification from the Project Management Institute early next year. Belle likes reading, yoga, movies, coffee and conversations.

Yolly - Senior Transcriber (Based in the Philippines)
Yolly is a highly skilled at transcription and has a high level of experience in the publishing sector.  Yolly has a typing speed of 86 words per minute with 99% accuracy.  Yolly likes to read, write and travel and drinks ways too much coffee.

Michelle - Senior Transcriber (Based in Sydney, Australia)
Michelle is an experienced transcriber with a high level of experience in medical transcriptions.  Over the years Michelle has completed courses in Health & Social Care, Pharmacy, Administration (proficient in Microsoft Office), and Anatomy & Physiology (part of Holistic Massage course).  Michelle feels that confidentiality and accuracy are of paramount importance, and she continues to maintain these values no matter where I am working.   Michelle likes reading, walking and yoga, and has a keen interest in interior design and holistic therapies.

   Pat - Senior Editor / Transcriber (Based in the UK)
Pat has over 25 years of experience in transcription especially in the finance sector.  Pat has worked in both the public and private sector.  Pat is educated to A level in business and finance and she is very proficient in Microsoft office suite of applications.  She has excellent, fast and accurate typing speeds.

Danielle - Senior Editor / Transcriber (Based in the UK)
Danielle is highly skilled in general transcription and has an average typing speed of 80 words per minute. Danielle is currently working towards a Bachelor of Laws degree with Open University and enjoys cooking, listening to music, browsing social media, travelling and walking her dog during her spare time

Clare - Transcriber (Based in Kenya)
Clare is a skilled and profficient in general transcription and has an average typing speed of 70 words per minute.  Clare is proficient in Windows operating systems, MS Office computer packages.  Clare has a real knack for hearing different dialects.